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Top Trends in Home Theater - Weston, Fort Lauderdale Florida

Whether you're looking for the most theater-like experience possible or a way to get great sound with a minimum of gear, we're on top of the latest trends. Check out a few below. To learn more, connect with our home theater specialist >
4K TVs

Ultra High Definition TVs, also known as UHD TVs or 4K TVs, have four times the picture resolution of regular "full HD" 1080p TVs, and can display much more detail. It's an amazing-looking new technology that gets rave reviews from our customers. Ultra HD TVs are often referred to as "4K" TVs, because they have a horizontal resolution of around 4000 pixels.

Dolby Atmos®

Dolby Atmos is a cutting-edge surround sound format that was developed to give movie soundtracks a more three-dimensional effect. It creates a "height" layer of sound above the listener. Available for a growing list of movie titles and supported by many newer home theater receivers, Dolby Atmos delivers the most lifelike surround sound we've heard yet.

Wireless surround speakers

People frequently ask us about wireless surround speakers. No home theater speaker is truly wireless, because it will need to get power from somewhere. However, some home theater systems feature a wireless transmitter that sends audio signals from the receiver to the speakers in the rear of your room. This eliminates the need to run speaker wire from the front to the back of your room. These speakers usually connect to a wireless receiver that goes in the back of your room and plugs into an AC wall outlet for power.

We also specialize in Smart Home Automation >

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