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Making Dumb Things Smart: Weston, Fort Lauderdale Smart Home

8 Very Interesting Non-Invasive Problem Solvers at CES 2017CES 2017: Devices that automate your dumb shades, tiny robots that press buttons, motors that turn knobs … and other non-invasive solutions for making dumb things smart.

At CES 2015, I was pretty impressed with SwitchMate, a device that sits on top of an existing light switch and toggles it on and off. The unit literally presses the paddles (or slides the toggle) on dumb switches, allowing users to make dumb lights smart, without having to rewire an existing switch.

I liked this idea of making dumb things smart, without having to pull stuff apart. I learned only recently that there’s a term for this category of products: non-invasive.

We’ll see plenty of interesting non-invasive products at CES 2017 – not SwitchMate, but similar fixes like Nortek's Z-Wave-enabled GoControl WA00Z-1 (below).

It’s not pretty, but it works. View the full article:


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